From Mess to Success: Put An End To Your Dog’s Excessive Barking!

Reduce Your Dog's Anxiety, Without Resorting To ❌ Expensive VET trips, Training, Toys, Medications, or Supplements!
Silences Barking &Whining
Eliminates Unwanted Peeing
Eases Anxiety & Loneliness
Decreases Destructive Behaviors
Reduces Aggressive Behavior
Hyperactivity & Reactivity
Helps with Fear of Noises
Easier Travel & Changes

7,265+ Verified Reviews

“I bought this for my 5-year-old buddy who would often bark and whine loudly, especially at night, driving my neighbors crazy. This product has helped us so much, he no longer does it! It also helps with his anxiety about storms. Really great product I can't speak highly enough of!” - Augustine J., TheraPet™ Customer

30-Day Peace & Paw-fect Satisfaction Promise

From the moment your TheraPet™ package arrives at your door, you have a full 30 days to witness its calming magic on your dog. Take your time, let your pup adjust, and see the transformation.

If, for any reason, you don't notice a positive change in your dog's behavior or feel that TheraPet doesn't meet your expectations, simply contact our customer support team at, and we'll quickly process a 100% refund, no questions asked.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Lila H.
Great to stop markings!

I bought this because my male dogs would not stop marking their territory even though they’re both neutered. And then my girls would think it was okay to pee around the same areas (or maybe they were marking too). I’ve tried vinegar, bleach, enzymatic cleaners, and nothing would stop them until I plugged this in. Not one tiny mark since I got it!

Cora B.
Great tool for homes with multiple dogs

We have a 9 year old bichon terrier and a 1 year old golden doodle. The golden doodle recently started marking the house after months of no issues after being house-broken and neutered (could have been due to various reasons). Tried this remedy and the marking stopped over night. We only plug it in at night in our bedroom and the doodle sleeps underneath it most of the night. Both dogs love being relaxed in the bedroom as soon as we plug it in nightly. We only smelled the “burning” scent the first two nights. Great product for us. Definitely recommend trying.

Ivy D.
Gets better week over week

I have noticed a marked difference in my dogs peeing in the house! They bark less at night as well. It took about a week and each week it gets better and better. I placed 1 in my bedroom 2 in the living room and 1 in the kitchen. We own 3 chihuahuas 9,12&14 and Boston terrier,2. It really is working 85% noticeable change 3 weeks in.

Zoe M.
Got Results In Just a Few Days

My bulldog has anxiety issues and would pee when he got stressed or excited, which was daily. We couldn't raise our voices or even move too quickly, or he would pee. It got rather frustrating that he was peeing several times a day. I took him to the vet and they put him on anxiety meds. They helped but didn't take care of the issue completely. I tried these diffusers hoping they would be just enough to push him over the coping threshold, and maybe he would stop peeing. They worked. I installed one in the living room and one in the bedroom and he quit peeing within a week. So grateful for a solution.

Ella M.
Miracle in a Plug In!

Honestly I was not expecting much, but I was at my wit’s end. My dog is extremely noise sensitive and reacts every single time he sees someone go by on the street. We live in New York so you can imagine his barking had become constant. I tried everything - calming probiotics, removing the stimulus, classical music (which worked but had me at the end of my rope as I had to have it on ALL the time), training to go to place, training to respond to quiet, cbd. I was considering resorting to an ultrasonic anti-barking device but I heard they were inhumane as they work by hurting the dog’s ears. I figured I had literally nothing to lose. This worked within 8 hours. I plugged it in, went to work. Came home and hardly any barking whatsoever. His threshold for what will trigger him is much wider now and he does not respond to every single noise on the street. Did it completely eliminate the barking? No. And I wouldn’t want that. But he is clearly so much calmer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Ben D.
Recommended by my Vet

My Vet recommended this for my anxious dog and my furniture eating puppy. I am totally amazed that the chewing has stopped & the anxious one is much calmer.

Experience the TheraPet Advantage:Designed with Care, Engineered for Calm

TheraPet™ is more than a diffuser—it's a pledge to your dog's tranquility. It's where nature's wisdom meets canine understanding, creating a harmony your dog will love.

Safe & Drug-Free Relief

TheraPet™ is a non-invasive, drug-free solution that respects your dog's normal routine. No side effects, no dietary changes—just a happier, calmer dog.

Around-the-Clock Calming

TheraPet™ works 24/7, turning your home into a calm oasis for your furry friend, ensuring consistent peace day and night.

Customizable Comfort

TheraPet™ respects your dog's uniqueness, customizing its calming effect to fit your canine's specific tranquility needs.

Ideal for Multi-Dog Homes

Got more than one furball? No problem! TheraPet works its magic on all your doggies, ensuring a peaceful, harmonious household.

What Makes TheraPet

Far Superior to Others

Dual-Soothe Blend: Dual pheromones for double the tranquility.

Two Months Peace: 60 days of harmony per TheraPet.

Pure, Safe Comfort: No odors, no irritants, just natural calm.

Medical-Grade Build: Sturdy enough to stand up to curious kitties.

Eco-Friendly: Minimal power usage for an energy-efficient solution.

No-Risk, All Reward: Rest easy with our 30-day money-back guarantee.




You haven't truly seen your dog at their happiest and most relaxed until you've tried TheraPet™!

This will be the most seamless and effective way to enhance your dog's emotional well-being. After all, your loyal buddy deserves all the peace and relaxation they can get!


Whats The Secret Behind TheraPet?

It's all in our unique blend of Canine Appeasing Pheromones!

Sounds complicated? Don't worry, it's not!

Canine Appeasing Pheromones

Think of them as doggy "feel-good" vibes. When pups are relaxed and happy, they give off these vibes to let their buddies know, "Hey, everything's chill here." So, when your fur baby gets a whiff of TheraPet's pheromones, they feel like they're in their happy place, and don't feel the urge to release the tension by urinating.

  • Boosts Security — Mimics 'all-clear' signals to reduce stress and foster a sense of safety.
  • Reduces Jitters — It's like telling your pup everything's fine, calming those nerves and reactive jumps.
  • Encourages Play — Promotes an environment for natural curiosity and playfulness.
  • Maternal Appeasing Pheromones

    TheraPet™ uses what we call Maternal Appeasing Pheromones. Remember those cozy, safe feelings as a kid with mom around? It's the same! Mother dogs give off these calming scents to make their puppies feel safe and sound. TheraPet™ brings that motherly comfort to dogs of all ages!

  • Feels Like a Hug — It's like a warm embrace, easing worries and jitters.
  • Strengthens Connection — Perfect for homes with more than one dog, making sure everyone feels part of the pack.
  • Smooths Out Changes — Whether moving or bringing a new pet home, TheraPet™ helps ease them into new situations.
  • Your Effortless Path to Purr-fect Peace

    TheraPet isn't just about bringing tranquility to your dog—it's about making your life easier too!

    Find the Perfect Spot
    Find a spot in your dog's favorite room and make sure it's not hidden—your TheraPet needs space to spread its magic!
    Power It Up
    Now, simply plug it in! Your TheraPet will start spreading its soothing pheromone blend right away. No extra settings, no hassle.
    Let It Do Its Thing!
    TheraPet is designed to work all on its own. It'll continuously spread calming vibes, keeping your doggo relaxed and joyful.


    Need help to find an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at

    What exactly is TheraPet™ Diffuser?

    TheraPet™ is an innovative diffuser designed to reduce dog reactivity, stress, and anxiety by releasing calming pheromones that only dogs can detect. It provides your pup with a comforting message that they're safe and loved.

    What are dog pheromones?

    Dog pheromones are natural chemicals produced by dogs to communicate with each other. These pheromones convey various messages, such as comfort, security, and contentment. TheraPet™ utilizes Canine Appeasing Pheromones and Maternal Appeasing Pheromones, replicating these calming signals to help reduce stress, anxiety, and reactivity in dogs.

    How does TheraPet™ combat stress and reactivity in dogs?

    TheraPet™ releases Canine Appeasing Pheromones and Maternal Appeasing Pheromones, which are natural "feel-good" vibes. They help create a serene environment, reducing reactive behaviors and instilling a sense of calm and security.

    Will TheraPet™ interfere with my dog's medications or diet?

    No, TheraPet™ is a non-invasive, drug-free solution that doesn't require any dietary changes or interfere with any medications your dog may be on.

    How long does it take to see results with TheraPet™?

    Many users notice a difference in their dog's behavior within a week, but results can vary based on the dog and the level of stress or anxiety they experience.

    Can TheraPet™ help if my dog is afraid of specific noises or situations?

    Definitely. TheraPet™ helps with a range of anxieties, including fear of noises, making it easier for dogs to adapt to unfamiliar situations.

    Where should I use the diffuser?

    The plug-in should be used in rooms where your dog spends most of its time. Avoid using outlets that are under windows, near air vents, or close to doors as drafts will impair the proper diffusion of the pheromones. DO NOT plug the diffuser into a power strip or surge protector. The vial should always be directly below the plug-in unit for proper diffusion and to prevent leakage. To ensure the vial is always below the plug-in unit, there is a swivel function on the prongs for outlets with horizontal orientations.

    Is TheraPet™ safe for homes with multiple dogs?

    Absolutely! TheraPet™ is ideal for multi-dog households, ensuring a harmonious environment for all your furry friends.

    Is the smell normal?

    The pheromones are diffused when the plug-in unit heats up. As with any heating element, a slight smell may be present and is totally normal. If you find your diffuser has a stronger smell, please call us and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you!

    How often should I replace the diffuser?

    We recommend replacing the refill vial every 30 days or when the liquid runs out. The plug-in unit should be replaced after 6 months of use or after you have used three refill vials (whichever comes first!)

    What makes TheraPet™ different from other diffusers on the market?

    TheraPet™ is the only diffuser with our unique pheromone combination, designed specifically to address dog stress, anxiety, and reactivity, making it a game-changer for dog parents.

    Is TheraPet available on retail shops or marketplaces like Amazon and eBay?

    No, TheraPet is exclusively sold on our official store with a 30-day money-back guarantee and warranty.

    Beware of unauthorized, low-quality copycats on Amazon, eBay, and other platforms. For authentic, top-quality Pheromones, buy only from our official store.

    What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

    We stand by the efficacy of TheraPet™. If you're not seeing positive changes in your dog's behavior, please reach out to our customer service team for support and assistance.


    You haven't truly seen your dog at their happiest and most relaxed until you've tried TheraPet™!

    This will be the most seamless and effective way to enhance your dog's emotional well-being. After all, your loyal buddy deserves all the peace and relaxation they can get!


    Need help? Questions? Concerns?

    Please do not hesitate to email us at