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This story will change how you deal with your dog's indoor peeing forever!

Discover This Single Mom's Secret To Eliminating Dog Indoor Peeing Without Harsh Chemicals

Last Updated: April 29, 2024


It was the day of her birthday when Sharon B., 42, found herself at the edge. She was a single mother of two girls and a mom to a 6-year-old golden Benny. Unfortunately, it was Benny that made her feel like she was losing her mind.

Benny was constantly peeing in the house. He wasn’t just peeing- he would flood her home with his pee. 

Every morning, Sharon would come downstairs to a stained carpet. Every afternoon, she would come back home to a puddle on the ground. Benny made cleaning his pee Sharon’s daily routine.

“I was dreaming about ONE DAY free from cleaning pee and fighting with the stinky odor filling my house..." Sharon said.

Millions of dog parents face the same problem: their healthy dogs keep urinating indoors, despite potty training, multiple walks, trying different food, or even special sessions with behaviorists. Last year 68% of American dog owners would struggle with their dog’s inappropriate urination being a behavioral- not medical- issue. And Sharon was one of them.

And of course, she took Benny to the vet. In fact, THREE VETs. 800$ worth of x-rays & tests only to find out Benny was perfectly healthy. 

The vet told her that healthy dogs keep peeing indoors out of anxiety and stress. They’re very emotional and don’t respond well to changes in their home routine. Any novelty, or separation from their parents- can make them feel anxious and insecure. And peeing is their stress-coping mechanism.

Weeks passed and Benny would still keep peeing in the house. One day friends of Sharon’s daughter came to visit her and the moment they entered the house, they all frowned and shouted “Uughh something stinks here!”. 

Finally, Sharon was left with only 2 options: crating her dog and getting him pee pads.

But Benny would whine and bark loudly in a crate, and still pee inside…

Pee pads were leaking, and Benny would often ignore them and pee right next to them. And last but not least, a monthly supply would cost Sharon $90-$150! And as a single mom of two, she couldn’t accept such extra expense in the long term. 

Sharon was on her wit’s end. With no options left, she faced the ultimate solution she would intentionally avoid all this time: giving Benny anti-anxiety medications. 

But the horrifying list of side-effects such drugs can cause was making her feel like a criminal. Numbness, diarrhea, vomiting, incoordination in walking, excessive agitation…According to studies, a staggering number of 48% of dogs on such meds experience one or more of those side effects! 

2 days of trial were enough for her to say “NEVER AGAIN”. Drugs turned Benny into an apathetic, lethargic zombie and seeing him like this was heartbreaking. 

“Despite his nasty peeing habit, I love my dog and I want to see him happy and healthy!”, Sharon said. 

She faced an almost impossible choice: continue to let Benny damage her carpets, floors and furniture with his urine, disturbing her comfort in her own house, and making all clothes and other belongings saturate with a foul odor of dog urine… Or give Benny away…

Sharon isn’t the only dog parent who eventually faces this horrible decision. Every year, 7-13% of dog owners in America decide to rehome their dogs. According to surveys, the main reason for this is inflation and the inability to pay the pet’s medical bills. But the list of reasons also includes unsolved behavioral issues such as inappropriate urination…

The good news is, a remarkable new solution now offers a science-backed, cost-effective and side-effects-free relief to dogs’ unwanted behaviors such as indoor peeing. 

It works round a clock, for all dogs regardless of their age, size, and breed, targeting the root cause of their peeing issue.

It’s called TheraPet Pheromones Diffuser and the way it eliminates the problem of dog indoor peeing is surprising yet shockingly simple and effective.

This brilliant diffuser eliminates the problem of dogs' indoor peeing with its innovative pheromones formula

You see, healthy dogs keep peeing indoors to alleviate the anxiety and stress they struggle with. It is actually their natural way to deal with negative emotions because the smell of urine pheromones turns off stress chemicals in their brains, activating positive feelings of calmness and safety. 

Which is why crating, scolding, or even walking dogs frequently or giving them more attention or their favorite treats doesn’t help with compulsive peeing. When it comes to alleviating anxiety, nothing compares to the effect pheromones have on dogs.

In fact, did you know that essential oils have been proven to eliminate pests by over 15 different studies conducted by universities and research centers?

When Letetia heard about BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate, she was skeptical it would work because she’d already tried everything.

Also, she’d never heard of it working as a vet tech which made her even more suspicious.

But after seeing her dogs suffer for over a year, Letetia was willing to try anything. 

When the package arrived, Letetia was super impressed. She mixed the concentrate with water and started spraying it on her dogs.

Now, we can’t promise that everyone will experience the same results, but Letetia said, “as soon as I sprayed everyone, I was more relaxed.” Pleasantly surprised by how nice it smelled after she sprayed, Letetia said she “noticed a difference within the first day.”

The combination of essential oils used in BugMD Flea & Tick was killing fleas of all life cycles on her dogs, giving her dogs the relief that she’d been looking for.

Also, unlike traditional flea collars or drops, BugMD’s formula is completely safe when used as directed, so Letetia no longer had to worry about exposing her dogs to harsh chemicals or harsh substances.

She could finally say her home was back to being the peaceful oasis for her beloved dogs now that the fleas were under control.

Within 2 weeks, Letetia said the flea invasion was much better and she was no longer worried everyday. Finally, she was confident she found her go-to flea product.

"I’m convinced everyone should use this," Letetia said.

Letetia ordered 3 more bottles of the concentrate to keep incrase another dog brought in fleas.

Letetia even started boarding dogs again, spraying them with Flea & Tick concentrate when they came to stay.

Thousands of new customers last year... but is it really worth the hype?

BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate was only recently introduced to the market, but it’s already caught-on with Americans nationwide.

Once people learned there’s a safe*, plant-based solution for flea and tick control, they were more than happy to try it.

Over the winter, BugMD sold much faster than the small, family-owned company was prepared for. Last summer they sold out of their inventory completely. 

Buzz about this breakthrough formula has been spreading through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

Thousands of Americans are already using BugMD and you’ll quickly see why there are over 1,000+ 5-star reviews online from thousands of Americans raving about it!

I tried BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate for myself, and here’s what I found:


After suffering from fleas for a few weeks, I was incredibly excited to give BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate a try.

When the package arrived, I was super impressed by how easy it was to use - just mix with water and spray… that’s it!

I sprayed my dogs, a golden retriever named Sunny and a terrier mix named Rusty, and my orange cat, Simon.

I wasn’t expecting much to happen until…


I couldn't believe the difference in just one week. Sunny and Rusty were scratching less, and I didn't find any new flea dirt in their fur.Even my cat, who has sensitive skin, seemed so much better and I didn’t notice any patches of fur missing from his scratching. Their skin looked healthier, and they seemed more comfortable overall.

The spray smelled nice and I felt comfortable spraying them since it was made with essential oils.

I continued to apply BugMD every few days, as directed, and noticed that the fleas were disappearing quickly - it was game-changing.


By the third week, I didn't notice any more fleas crawling on my pets or me! In fact, both my dogs and my cat were back to their playful, happy selves. 

I was amazed at how quickly and effectively BugMD had worked, without any of the side effects I had worried about with traditional flea collars and drops.

I was so impressed with BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate that I started recommending it to all my friends, especially those with rescue animals or pets with sensitive skin.

I even shared it with a few coworkers, and soon enough, everyone was talking about this amazing flea and tick spray.

Thanks to BugMD, I no longer have to choose between my dogs' comfort and their safety. 

My Final Thoughts

BugMD absolutely changed our lives, and I'm confident that it can do the same for you and your furry family.

If you're tired of constantly battling fleas and want to keep your pets happy, healthy, and itch-free… switching to BugMD can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Traditional flea control products can cost hundreds of dollars per year, even thousands if you have multiple pets. They also require frequent reapplication and can expose your pets to harsh chemicals and potentially harmful side effects. There's really no comparison.

BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate is an affordable, safe*, and effective way to combat fleas in your home. That's why it's quickly becoming increasingly popular with pet owners nationwide.

I used BugMD for more than a month and can confirm that it effectively eliminates fleas & ticks, providing relief for your pets and your home, which is something traditional flea collars and drops just can’t offer.

Most importantly, it means you no longer have to put your pets' health at risk with potentially harsh chemicals or expose them to the discomfort and pain of constant itching and scratching.

And if it doesn't transform your life like it did for me and my pets, don't worry – they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on every purchase.

If you and your pets are struggling with flea invasions at home,

or simply want an alternative to flea collars,

There's no reason not to give BugMD a try.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate is regularly priced at $29.97 per bottle – which, at first, might seem a bit steep. But after seeing there was virtually no risk in trying it and thousands of Americans have already experienced life-changing results, I realized it was an incredible value.

*BugMD is currently running a limited-time special offer for even greater savings – March 11, 2024

Right now, on their official website, BugMD is offering an exclusive "Bundle & Save” promotion on their Flea & Tick Concentrate. This means you can stock up on this amazing product at a significant discount – up to 55% off retail price – but only while supplies last.

Right now, on their official website, BugMD is offering an exclusive "Bundle & Save” promotion on their Flea & Tick Concentrate. This means you can stock up on this amazing product at a significant discount – up to 55% off retail price – but only while supplies last.

Over the winter, BugMD sold much faster than the small, family-owned company was prepared for.

Last year they completely sold out of their inventory due to overwhelming demand.

The time to order BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate is now – before they run out of stock again.

You'll quickly see why thousands of Americans have raved about BugMD!

The icing on the cake is the price. If it's still in stock – definitely make sure you get a bottle before they sell out again.

*Update:Monday, April 22, 2024 Since this advertorial was originally published, the demand for BugMD Flea & Tick Concentrate has skyrocketed, and the company has struggled to keep up with orders. While they're working hard to restock their inventory, they're still offering their special "Internet Only" promotion. (This offer is only available while supplies last.) To find out if BugMD is still in stock, click the button below.


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