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Your Cat's Loud Meowing May Be A Sign Something Deeper Is Wrong. This New Solution Can Help!

Every 2 minutes, another US Cat parent buys this breakthrough stress-relief solution for their cat – find out why.

How Stress & Anxiety Affects Your Cat's Behavior

Many cat parents are surprised to learn that their cat's constant meowing, loud yowling at night, or hissing is actually a CRY FOR HELP. This behavior often stems from stress and anxiety, which, if ignored, can cause your feline friend significant discomfort...

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It All Boils Down To The 'Stressed-Cat' Instincts… 🙀

You see, the furry feline cats we love and adore in our home, are descendants of wild jungle cats...

As a result, they have dormant “Stressed-Cat" Instincts that when activated by factors beyond your control…

It can suddenly make them HYPER-SENSITIVE, uncomfortable and change how they perceive their environment and react to stress...

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What's more concerning is the cascade of effects resulting from their high-stress levels, leading to more serious health problems.

According to the National Institutes of Health*, chronic stress can significantly harm cats' immune systems, leading to various health issues.

This is due to cortisol, the stress hormone that lowers their immunity, which makes them vulnerable to infections, UTIs, skin issues, and digestive problems.

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Sadly, loud meowing is just the start...

Soon, and without warning, stress starts affecting your cat in more ways. First, there's a lot of meowing. Then, watch for these signs:

  • Not using their litter box
  • Spraying to mark territory
  • Clashing with other pets
  • Damaging your furniture
  • Hiding or shying away from touch
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Get To The Root Of Your Cat's Stress & Anxiety – With This Breakthrough Cat Calming Diffuser

We worked with pet scientists and industry experts to formulate a cat-first calming diffuser that focuses on potency, purity, and power.

TheraPet creates a balanced environment
– which minimizes the impact of stress and anxiety while supporting emotional health. This means less meowing, spraying, fighting... Just a comfortable, happy cat.

The moment you plug it in, it starts its magic!

TheraPet releases natural and drug-free "All Clear Signals" throughout your cat’s surroundings...

These signals are a carefully crafted mix of the most powerful cat-calming pheromones.

These pheromones are scentless and safe for humans, yet they work wonders on cats.

The Science Behind The Magic

Backed by over 25 years of scientific research, cat pheromones have been proven to soothe stressed and anxious felines effortlessly and quickly.

These are natural chemical signals that cats use to communicate with each other, they tap into your cat's “Calm Instincts” guiding them into a state of Kitty Zen

Think of it as flipping a switch to tranquility!

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84% of TheraPet customers saw results after just the first month!

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Saw a reduction in random peeing & urine spraying


Saw a reduction in furniture scratching


Saw reduction in tension & conflicts between cats


Saved at least 40% on their VET bills

*Results based on Calming Diffuser buyers' internal feedback survey conducted in August 2023 (n=300)

How many cats do you have at home?

How often do you notice them showing unwanted behaviors?