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If Your Cat Is Constantly Meowing, Loudly Howling Or Growling, This Science-Driven Solution Is A Must. Here’s Why.

Note: After reading this, you’ll probably never go another day without using this for your cats...

If your cat is meowing or yowling constantly, making a lot of noise at weird times, like waking you up at 3 am with loud and sharp meows, or if the neighbors say your cat is too noisy...

It’s likely they're dealing with stress and anxiety, which can leave your feline friend in a lot of discomfort if ignored… Find out below how to help them now.

Now, noticing the signs of stress in your cat isn’t rocket science. When they're meowing a lot, it's their Grammy-winning way of telling you they're uneasy.

But what virtually every parent in America today is unaware of, is where cat stress originates from.

And that’s a huge problem because without tackling its root cause, this stress-induced meowing and loud noises could turn into a regular behavior for your cat.

Now, as surprising as it may seem, the stress that leads to this odd behavior really comes from how your cat reacts to their environment.

See, when a cat's environment is loaded with stressors, it soon spreads like wildfire around the rest of your cat's life. And before you know it, this stress becomes evident in their behavior, with excessive vocalizing often being the first telltale sign...

And trust me, the other behaviors that come next, like peeing outside the litter box, spraying urine, scratching furniture, or showing aggression, are definitely ones you don't want to deal with!

Let's be honest, our cats deserve far, far better. The thing is, the power is within our hands to help them, thanks to a remarkable new solution. And, it could be the key to your cat’s future health, comfort, and happiness too...

Who would’ve thought a diffuser would get hailed as a ‘life-changer’ for cats in 2023?

TheraPet burst onto the market in 2020 and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news.

Now, it’s one of the highest-rated pet supplies companies with over 4,000 5-star reviews!

Below are some of TheraPet's game-changing benefits that make it an absolute no-brainer for cat parents!

TheraPet helps balance the stress levels in your cat's environment.

As we’ve established, many forms of behavioral issues, with excessive vocalizing on top of the list, are a reaction to stressors in their environment. If left unattended, these stressors can turn into ongoing problems.

Here's where the magic of TheraPet's comes into play. It works by diffusing what's known as 'Maternal Pheromones' into the air, on autopilot.

Now, if you're wondering what pheromones are, think of them as a secret code used by mother cats.

You see, when mother cats have kittens, they release a unique smell, called a pheromone. This scent is nature's way of telling kittens that everything is okay and they're safe. It helps keep them peaceful and feel secure while their mom is around.

Now, TheraPet captures this naturally soothing, scientifically-supported aroma in their diffusers. When used in a home where a cat is vocalizing too much due to stress, it's like they are surrounded by a comforting maternal assurance in the air, gently whispering, 'Everything's fine here Kitty-Kitty, take it easy.'

The result? Your cat starts feeling more at ease, not as stressed or jumpy. It's like making your home a peaceful haven for your feline friend quickly, safely, and easily!

It can help with their stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can quickly turn a kitty from playful, bright, and lively to anxious, loud, and uncomfortable.

Maybe you've spent hundreds $$$ on vet visits, only to be told each time that your cat is physically healthy...

However, the real reason you’ve never managed to ensure long-lasting comfort for your cat is that you’ve likely never tackled the root cause of their stress and anxiety.

And that’s just another reason why TheraPet's Diffusers are so great. By diffusing calming pheromones on autopilot, they help restore your cat's sense of safety and calm and assist with a healthy emotional balance...

It helps with environmental changes and unwanted behaviors

Cats experience environmental stress just like us humans, and these stress levels can seriously affect their mental well-being. Especially if they're part of big, loud families, or coexist with multiple pets

This stress impacts their behavior and triggers unwanted actions like excessive vocalization - and if your cat is challenged by occasional stress due to traveling or environmental changes, or perhaps events like moving house, then studies have shown that…

Pheromone diffusers help a great deal.

Experts also recommend starting the use of TheraPet a few days before you know they're about to go through something potentially stressful. For example, around moving days, introducing new pets, or visiting the vet.

Plus, some cats get stressed more easily than others. If that's the case for your feline friend, then regular use of TheraPet will help support everyday situations like unfamiliar visitors or being left alone while you're at work.

Your cat will thank you after just weeks of using TheraPet - just like Vito!

Vito isn't alone, either. Mittens, a Siamese cat belonging to a close friend of mine, also had similar problems with stress and loud meowing at night. But after a few weeks of using the diffuser, she was a different cat - calm and able to enjoy life again.

Put simply...

The TheraPet Diffuser has been a massive hit in the pet world and changed the lives of countless cats globally.

In light of these incredible results, it's important to note that these pheromone diffusers aren't a magic solution to severe behavioral problems or health issues. If this is the case for your cat, then it's likely they need to see a vet.

That said, if you're looking to create an ideal stress-free environment to support and maintain the overall well-being of your feline friend - TheraPet is a MUST.

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