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By Nancy Campbell | Dec 9, 2023 | 11:11 am EDT

If You Notice Your Cats Fighting, Hissing, or Having Territorial Disputes, This Science-Driven Solution Is A Must. Here’s Why.

Note: After reading this, you’ll probably never go another day without using this for your cats...

I have never thought having 3 cats under the same roof could become such a nightmare.

8 months ago I was a happy parent of one single cat Leo. He was my best buddy for 6 years since he was a small kitten.

Then my father suddenly developed a cat allergy and my mom begged me to adopt their cat Luna because she had been part of the family for 10 years… 

So I did. I couldn’t break my mom’s heart, right?

That’s when the troubles started…

And when my girlfriend Tina moved in 3 months ago with her 12-year-old Nino, things got even worse…

Nino acted toward Leo and Luna as if he were a new sheriff in town.

The other 2 didn’t want to surrender and give up their position that easily…

If the 3 of them found themselves together in the same room, it would sooner or later end up with a loud fight.

There were moments when their hissing, growling and eventually fighting would drive me crazy!

Not only would they not let me work during the day, but they would also wake me up in the middle of the night, chasing each other, throwing or breaking something on the way…

Every week it was getting worse and worse.

All I Wanted Was Some Peace In My Own Home!

Fighting was one thing, but there was something even worse…. All 3 would pee and leave urine marks EVERYWHERE!

It seemed like in their war for dominance pee was their main weapon, right after their claws... 

It reached a point where Tina and I had to clean their urine daily and try to get rid of its nasty odor!

I was on the edge... 

It was a situation with no way out! I couldn’t imagine giving my Leo away, but at the same time, I couldn’t rehome Luna because of my mom! 

And my girlfriend Tina also couldn’t stand the thought of getting rid of Nino… 

We tried everything. Separating them… Giving an ocean of love and attention… Spoiling them with their favorite treats... Placing multiple litter boxes...

Do I have to say it all didn’t help? 

I took them to 2 different vets who could only ascertain me they were all medically perfectly fine. 

I felt completely helpless. I just couldn’t see a solution for this horror. Rehoming any of them meant someone’s heart would get broken.. 

And how can you choose between breaking the heart of your mother, your girlfriend, and your own??!!

“Don't Even Think About Rehoming Them Again…”

These were the exact words Dr. Scott told me- the third VET, recommended by a friend. 

He assured me there was a new way to end cats' territorial behavior as easily and quickly as flipping a switch!

Let me show you something,” Dr. Scott continued.

He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a weird-looking device.

“I’ll tell you what this magical diffuser is in a moment.

However, first, you must understand why your cats are behaving this way…

Some VETS don’t bother explaining anything and just recommend some ineffective tricks that usually don't work…

I’m different. And I want you to understand HOW your cats think. So let’s take a look.

Your Cats Won't Rest Until Every Corner Of Your Home Becomes a Battleground!

You see, cats instinctively want to be the boss, that's because they're naturally territorial and competitive…

I mean, it's no surprise since the king of the jungle is a big cat!

Now, put two or more cats under the same roof, and it's like a contest for 'King of the Jungle'... 

except that jungle is your home!

And what happens in the cat jungle? Oh boy, you might not want to know...

Each cat has their own way of showing they're in charge…

Some attack, treating everyone from other cats and dogs to even YOU, as a threat.

Then there are those who decide the best way to feel safe is by making sure your home smells like them…

So they start marking their territory with urine and begin their mission to turn your once-peaceful home into their personal litter box…

So yeah, basically you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of breaking up cat fights and cleaning up after their messes…

Finally, Dr. Scott Told Me That There’s ONE Way to Put An End To This Behavior…

And it's by using this scent-swapping trick… 

Ever thought about how a momma cat deals with 10 kittens in perfect harmony? If you've got kids, you know that's quite a task!

After spending years volunteering at cat shelters and seeing countless kittens born, I've always wondered about mama cat's ability to keep order.

At first, I thought it was just her natural mothering instincts, but then I noticed something fascinating:

You see, when kittens are born, Their competitive instincts kick in from day one and it's like a mini competition for mom's attention. Each one tries to be Mom’s favorite!

So how can she make them all behave, without pulling her fur out?

Well, the secret lies in something called maternal pheromones.

This unique scent, released by mama cat, undetectable to us but clear as day to cats, acts like a love equalizer.

It ensures each kitten feels equally loved, It's like a natural way to make them all feel safe and secure, without any desperate fights for mom's attention.

This maternal scent wires their little brains from their first days for calm, tranquility, and those joyful, carefree kitten days. It's a lesson in discipline they never forget during their lifetime!

This Diffuser Is Like A Mama Cat In A Bottle?!

The secret to the TheraPet Diffuser is that It works by replicating these Maternal Pheromones, releasing them into your cats' environment, and creating a sense of maternal comfort around them.

What's more calming than feeling like mom is around? These pheromones make your cats feel safe and relaxed, naturally reducing their urge to fight for dominance or mark their territory.

It's like they recognize a higher authority is around and feel like a close-knit family.

TheraPet is completely drug-free and designed exclusively for cats. While it's undetectable to humans, cats can pick it up easily…

That’s why it instantly makes them feel safe and reassured. This means fewer fights and a more peaceful home!

It’s Not an Overstatement to Say That TheraPet Diffuser Saved Me, My Cats, and The Hearts Of The Two Women of My Life!

I left Dr. Scott’s office feeling a mix of hope and skepticism and went straight to ordering three TheraPet diffusers.

As soon as they arrived, I set them up in the spots all 3 cats had access to: the living room, my bedroom, and the kitchen.

Believe it or not, within just an hour of plugging them in, I started seeing a change!

The 3 warriors would hang around next to the diffusers, sniff them or rub their faces against them...

And “Sheriff” Nino even settled down for a nap right underneath it!!

It was as if they instinctively knew this was something good like they thought the diffuser was their mother or something.

Fast forward two weeks with these diffusers running, AND NOT A SINGLE CAT BATTLE. The guys raised the white flag.

And the cherry on top? They’ve become so much more affectionate and playful – they even eat and sleep together!

These diffusers have been a total lifesaver. They’ve saved my sanity, protected my carpets and belongings from pee and damage...

And most importantly, they’ve saved my family! All 3 of us can keep our cat and we don’t have to think about rehoming any of them anymore!

You Don’t Deserve To Live a Life Constantly Dealing With Chaos, Stress and Disturbance Your Cats Cause In Your House!

Look, I know you are busy and have a thousand things to do besides cleaning after your cats and separating them, only to get some peace in your own home...

Believe me, I’ve been there. In the “pre-TheraPet era”, it would take me so much time and energy every single day to calm myself down after each noisy battle and to clean after them! 

Leo, Luna and Nino turned fighting into their full-time job, any time of day, with only a few breaks…

Sure, sometimes they would settle down for a while if I separated them, but I have a job, too.

I can’t spend all day making sure they didn’t kill each other right…

And honestly, being a full-time cat mediator isn’t my dream job!

If you, like me, are tired of constantly watching your cats hissing, growling and fighting with each other, it’s time for a change!

Many cat parents have given up, thinking they’ll never break free from this madness their furballs provide them with…

But I’m telling you, it’s possible!

Life post-TheraPet? No more noisy cat conflicts, no more cat chases waking you up at night, no more chaos and breaking stuff, and no more battling pee stains and nasty odors...

This is what the life of a cat parent should always be like!

Thousands of Cat Parents Were Able To Stop Their Disturbing Fights And Unwanted Peeing

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