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This story will change how you deal with your cats forever!

The Shocking Reason Behind All What Frustrates Us About Our Cats, Like Random Peeing, Fighting, Scratching & How To Help

Last Updated: July 16, 2024


Every day, thousands of cat parents struggle with their cats’ behavioral issues like random peeing, fighting with other cats, hissing and growling, and destructive scratching. In fact, 75 to 86% of cat owners admit adopting a second or a third cat negatively influenced the behavior of other cat/cats.

Simply speaking: more often than not, cats feel stressed and threatened in multi-cat households. And their fear-triggered behaviors can transform a peaceful home into a noisy battlefield or a gigantic, stinky litter box.

And so many owners only wanted to adopt a few kittens that would live peacefully together like a furry family...

You see, if your cats are constantly peeing or spraying everywhere, fighting with each other, destroying your belongings, or meowing excessively, you need to know that they must be suffering from stress and anxiety.

These emotions often drive those frustrating behaviors, especially in multi-cat households where cats feel threatened and insecure by the constant presence of other cats...

And this boils down to our cats' dormant “Wild Cat Instinct". Our domestic kitties share over 95% of their DNA with TIGERS… So even if they don’t look like, they’re descendants of wild jungle cats that hate changes and perceive them, as well as other animals, as potential threats to their survival.

That’s why, seemingly insignificant factors, like moving to another house, even minor changes to a home routine or living under the same roof with other cats can trigger this “Wild Cat Instinct” and turn on the “Stressed Cat Mode”.

And this leads directly to these destructive, unwanted behaviors, which, without addressing the root cause, will become a common feature of your cats life—and take a toll on yours.

Let’s be honest, our furballs deserve far better. And so do you. Constantly cleaning up cat urine, washing carpets and couches, or dealing with aggressive fights is not a normal part of living in a multi-cat house.

The power to change this is in our hands, thanks to a remarkable new Calming Diffuser. It could be the key to your kitties’ future health and comfort—and to your peace of mind.

Who would've thought a diffuser would get hailed as a 'life-changer' for cats in 2024?

TheraPet's Pheromones Diffuser rocketed onto the market in 2020 and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news. Now, it's one of the highest-rated pet companies with over 4,000 5-star reviews!

Below are some of the Calming Diffuser game-changing benefits that make it an absolute no-brainer for cat parents.

1.TheraPet uses a cat’s most powerful weapon- their smell.


Cats explore the world through their mouth and nose. The sense of smell allows them to gather information about their surrounding environment: to locate food, danger, or partners for reproduction, and to communicate with each other. Scents also play the most important role in regulating cats’ emotions and behaviors. 

This is where pheromones come into play. These substances, naturally released by cats, alleviate stress and fear and activate the “feel-good” chemicals in cats' brains. 

The secret of TheraPet’s effectiveness is that it reaches a cat’s inner “control room” through the most potent way- their nose. It has harnessed the power of pheromones and created a simple solution enchanted in a small bottle: a solution to cats’ nasty, stress-triggered behaviors. One that is natural, efficient and quick, and that is right under your cat’s nose!

2. Therapet’s Unique Pheromone Blend Helps Balance The Stress Levels In Your Cat's Brain.


Pheromones are chemical substances produced and released by cats. Some of them play a crucial role when it comes to balancing cats’ emotions. They turn off stress chemicals in cats' brains and activate positive feelings of calmness and safety. 

Thanks to over 25 years of research in Feline pheromotherapy, the brilliant minds at TheraPet MD figured out how to combine the different cat-calming pheromones together in ONE PRODUCT, with their breakthrough PheroCalm™ formula

And PheroCalm™ works for cats of all ages, personalities and breeds, to turn off their “wild cat” instincts, and help them feel safe, secure and loved in your home as easily as flipping a switch without any expensive vet visits, or behavior training.

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3. It Reduces Unwanted Fear-Related Behaviors.


Peeing out of the litter box, spraying urine and marking territory with pee, being aggressive and attacking other cats or pets, scratching and damaging furniture or other objects - these are typical cats’ stress coping mechanisms triggered by separation anxiety. Some cats may also meow, whine or cry loudly, especially when left alone. All these behaviors are very frustrating for cat owners but they’re the only ways cats know to release the overwhelming emotional tension. Providing your cat with calming pheromones from TheraPet not only protects your cat from the horrific distress they experience in a multi-cat household but also spares you from the painful consequences of your cat’s reaction to this stress.

4. Works For Multi-Cat Homes


For multi-cat homes plagued by cat fights, yowling at 3 am, and constantly knocked down furniture, the Therapet diffuser shines.

That’s because its PheroCalm™ formula has an ingredient that closely mimics the same pheromones mother cats use to get their kittens to bond and play nice.

When you diffuse this unique pheromone blend in your home, your cats INSTINCTIVELY start to feel like siblings again, NOT warring rivals fighting for territory and resources. 

Just imagine your home, once a kitty-gladiatorial arena, now a haven of feline friendship, where every corner echoes with shared purrs and playful nudges. And your warring cats — once rivals — are now grooming each other, their tails entwined in a dance of affection.

5. Science-Backed, Natural & Drug-Free


We need to understand that the stress and anxiety that stand behind these destructive behaviors can seriously affect a cat’s mental well-being. Many cat parents reach for calming anti-anxiety meds as a last resort. However, these drugs will literally seduce your furry baby, making them feel dizzy and apathetic, causing vomiting or diarrhea. Some cats, instead of getting lethargic, may become excessively excited and agitated… 

This is why TheraPet’s pheromones are the best alternative for such chemical solutions. They naturally balance cats’ emotions through their most potent sense, which makes them 100% harmless and side-effects-free. Their aroma is also undetectable to humans. Once you plug in TheraPet’s diffusers in the house, for the next 30 days you can basically forget they exist and just let them silently work in the background, 24/7.

6. Cost-effective compared to alternative solutions


First and foremost, TheraPet proves that “Prevention is better than cure”. Your cat’s nasty behaviors triggered by untreated anxiety can cause pricey damages in the house and end up in the vet’s cabinet. And if that happens, what follows are lab tests, x-rays and all the “necessary” tests… And a few $100 or $1000 later, it will most probably lead to those mind-numbing drugs, which will empty your wallet even more…

Secondly, unlike other alternatives, TheraPet provides a natural, drug-free and affordable option without compromising on effectiveness. By choosing the TheraPet diffuser, cat owners can ensure their pets' comfort and well-being without breaking the bank.

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7. Tested, Trusted & Loved By Thousands Of Cats Parents


TheraPet's Pheromones Diffuser has not only made a remarkable entry into the market in 2023 but has also swiftly become a sensation on social media and in news outlets. For the last year, TheraPet received over 4,000 5-star reviews from satisfied cat parents, confirming its effectiveness in providing the best care for their furry friends. 

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