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Great to stop markings!

I bought this because my male dogs would not stop marking their territory even though they’re both neutered. And then my girls would think it was okay to pee around the same areas (or maybe they were marking too). I’ve tried vinegar, bleach, enzymatic cleaners, and nothing would stop them until I plugged this in. Not one tiny mark since I got it!

Great tool for homes with multiple dogs

We have a 9 year old bichon terrier and a 1 year old golden doodle. The golden doodle recently started marking the house after months of no issues after being house-broken and neutered (could have been due to various reasons). Tried this remedy and the marking stopped over night. We only plug it in at night in our bedroom and the doodle sleeps underneath it most of the night. Both dogs love being relaxed in the bedroom as soon as we plug it in nightly. We only smelled the “burning” scent the first two nights. Great product for us. Definitely recommend trying.

Gets better week over week

I have noticed a marked difference in my dogs peeing in the house! They bark less at night as well. It took about a week and each week it gets better and better. I placed 1 in my bedroom 2 in the living room and 1 in the kitchen. We own 3 chihuahuas 9,12&14 and Boston terrier,2. It really is working 85% noticeable change 3 weeks in.

Got Results In Just a Few Days

My bulldog has anxiety issues and would pee when he got stressed or excited, which was daily. We couldn't raise our voices or even move too quickly, or he would pee. It got rather frustrating that he was peeing several times a day. I took him to the vet and they put him on anxiety meds. They helped but didn't take care of the issue completely. I tried these diffusers hoping they would be just enough to push him over the coping threshold, and maybe he would stop peeing. They worked. I installed one in the living room and one in the bedroom and he quit peeing within a week. So grateful for a solution.

You won’t regret getting this, Helped our Cat!

Our female was upset after our basement flooded, which was where the litter box resided. She decided she was going to begin urinating on concrete floor! This is not cool. After vet trips and prophylactic antibiotics for possible UTI, we decided this was all behavioral. Tried many products. Was mopping the floor daily. Hate cat pee smell! Cousin suggested therapet. Thank Goodness, NO MORE peeing on the floor! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Kitty even seems to be more amenable to our dogs!

Gave my aggressive cat a whole new outlook on life.

My cat could not be held or petted without trying to bite. She would get so wound up, she would relieve stress by running laps back and forth down the hall from BR to den. I felt so bad for her. Would play the 'fishing' game for hours each day just to help her release up all that pent up stress and energy.
After moving to a new city, I took her to a new vet for her shot updates... a practice exclusively dedicated to cats. As soon as i walked in my cat was calm, let us pet her, let the vet look at her teeth - and all without a hint of aggression. That's when I noticed they had therapet in every outlet. Wow. I came home and immediately ordered 8 atomizers for my living/dining room, kitchen and BR. Have multiples in the larger rooms. Bless her heart, she is finally close to being a normal cat. Still does not like to be held very long, but at least she doesn't try to bite me when I happen to pet her. Worth every nickel just to see her finally able to relax.

Life saver

I'm so happy I took a chance on this product. It has calmed down my 3 brother cats, much less fighting, scratching and bullying. Can't live without them.

Great for cat anxiety!

Our kitty was getting UTIs that the Vet suspected was caused by stress. This plug-in has made all the difference. She is calmer and even plays with her brother more.

Ww3 turned into Peace, love, and cuddles

Over the course of the last few years our three female cats (including the twins aka the Hissters) turned our house into a battleground. Scratched noses, hissing, you name it. I bought this diffuser a month ago and well...I'll let my pic tell the story. This stuff worked wonders for us. I highly recommend it.

Life saver when you introduce a new cat in your family

Therapet diffuser has been a true lifesaver in our home! We adopted a new cat, our existing cat (a flame point Siamese) was not happy at all with her new brother, she often expressed his disapproval with some not-so-friendly gestures. However, since we started using therapet for cat, it's like a miracle has happened. On the very first day, we noticed a remarkable change. Our cats could stay together in the condo without any aggressive behavior. Day by day, they've been getting closer, I won't say they are the best friends, but they get along well and play a lot. therapet diffuser has created a peaceful and harmonious environment in our home, and we couldn't be happier with the results.
If you're introducing a new cat into your household or dealing with cat conflicts, I highly recommend giving this a try.
I'm attaching pictures of my two cats sleeping very close and very comfortable.

Really works

I can always tell when we run out of therapet. More pee incidents, more fighting/hissing. Definitely worth the money.

Definitely reduces the tiffs between our male kitties

This is one of those products that you don't know whether it's doing anything until you run out and arguments between the cats escalate! We've got 5 rescued cats, all spayed/neutered and living inside only. I first purchased this because of stress-related symptoms (inappropriate peeing) exhibited by one of our boys. We had to go to a prescription diet and some medication before his symptoms abated. So, when I ran out of the therapet diffuser I decided not to replace it and see if it was actually doing us any good. Well, it didn't take long for arguments to break out between the boys in the house again. A new plug-in settled things back down. So, yeah, it's it is definitely having a positive effect.

Miracle in a Plug In!

Honestly I was not expecting much, but I was at my wit’s end. My dog is extremely noise sensitive and reacts every single time he sees someone go by on the street. We live in New York so you can imagine his barking had become constant. I tried everything - calming probiotics, removing the stimulus, classical music (which worked but had me at the end of my rope as I had to have it on ALL the time), training to go to place, training to respond to quiet, cbd. I was considering resorting to an ultrasonic anti-barking device but I heard they were inhumane as they work by hurting the dog’s ears. I figured I had literally nothing to lose. This worked within 8 hours. I plugged it in, went to work. Came home and hardly any barking whatsoever. His threshold for what will trigger him is much wider now and he does not respond to every single noise on the street. Did it completely eliminate the barking? No. And I wouldn’t want that. But he is clearly so much calmer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Recommended by my Vet

My Vet recommended this for my anxious dog and my furniture eating puppy. I am totally amazed that the chewing has stopped & the anxious one is much calmer.

My peace was restored.

Excellent results! I was a sceptic, but my old dog's anxious barking at closed doors for hours stopped immediately. We're now on the first refill and I couldn't be more pleased.

Great for puppies with separation anxiety

I’ve had this diffuser in my puppy’s main space in the kitchen for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love it. Before I received this, my 6 month old hyperactive, energetic, loud puppy would constantly bark at walls (as we live in a condo and he could hear neighbors) and would bark and cry for up to an hour when I put him to bed in his crate. I was never able to leave the kitchen let alone the house! Now he is more calm and maybe gives me the puppy dog eyes for 5 seconds, but absolutely no barking and goes right to bed! I’m worried about him relying on it fully for the rest of his life but we’ll take it day by day.

Saved us from a failed dog adoption.

I was on the fence after reading other reviews, but we had tried many other interventions (crate, 10 hours of reggae for dogs, exhausting him with exercise, CBD, melatonin, Benadryl) for our rescue dog’s separation anxiety. This poor dog would bark and whine frantically for 8 hours without stopping. We went through 3 sets of blinds. My next step was seeing the vet for an SSRI. I decided to try this so I could let the vet know that I was trying EVERYTHING. As soon as this was delivered, I plugged it in. For the first time since we brought him home, the dog walked into a different room and started playing like a puppy with his toys. I assumed it was just a coincidence. We had to leave the house that evening for about an hour. I watched the camera the ENTIRE time we were out. NOT. ONE. BARK. He laid under the window and napped. I was still skeptical that whatever magic was happening would wear off and we’d be back to square one. Three months later, he’s still doing amazing. I have only changed it once in that time. It doesn’t seem to work for every dog, but it’s worth a try if the alternative is a failed adoption.

It's just amazing!!!

There's nothing to dislike about this product. I tried my first one after my Vet recommended it to me for my two babies. One 7 year old Senior and 5 year old nervous nelly. I paid special attention to any changes in them and was amazed. They are Chihuahuas and both sleep with me, one on each side. The Senior little girl decides she rather sleep in the living room on their doggie bed. The diffuser was close by. The 5 year old was much calmer during a windy or rainy day. I moved the diffuser to the bedroom to see what would happen. Senior pup came right back to sleeping with me as usual. She was following the diffuser. That's why I ordered a refill and a second kit to have in both places. It's definitely worth a try. You may be amazed as I was. This is a true review without any compensation or discounts.

Greatest thing ever for senior dogs

We have Dalila at home, a 16y/o pup that's losing cognitive capacities due to her age. Before this, it was hard for her to sleep and feel relaxed, but now with this, she sleeps like a baby and the change in her mood is like day and night. Fully recommended and endorsed, your old grumpy pup will thank you.

Great to stop markings!

I bought this because my male dogs would not stop marking their territory even though they’re both neutered. And then my girls would think it was okay to pee around the same areas (or maybe they were marking too). I’ve tried vinegar, bleach, enzymatic cleaners, and nothing would stop them until I plugged this in. Not one tiny mark since I got it!

A life saver for my anxious dog

I honestly wasn't sure if this was actually working because the change was over such a long time that I didn't notice it until my dog's stress symptoms started to come back and I realized the diffuser was empty. Sometime within the 4 weeks of this diffuser being plugged in and paired with the collar, my dog went from biting at herself and creating hot spots and peeing on the floor every time I left the house to a relaxed, happy dog whose fur is growing back and no longer having accidents. I could not be happier with these products. It saved me from having to medicate my dog.

This stuff is magic.

Backstory: I moved in with my mom for a couple of months this past year and brought my two cats with me. She already has one grumpy, territorial old cat, and my two younger cats are full of energy. It was chaos when we first introduced them—chasing, growling, hissing, swatting. I was willing to try anything to get them to get along. Honestly, I really think this worked wonders! We kept it plugged in by the back door where all three of the cats would go in and out multiple times a day (so it was the area where they would usually get into fights), and lo and behold, they started nose-booping each other peacefully instead of hissing! They slowly went from enemies to neutral acquaintances, and now they're all best buds. I noticed a BIG turning point once we started using these!

Takes time, but it really works!

Our cats lived together harmoniously for four years and one day something snapped and the submissive, gentle male became an aggressive agitator and the alpha female would hiss, growl, and literally pee in fear at the the sight of him. Enter therapet. Waiting was hard. It took three to four weeks to work, but it’s like a magical spell has been cast upon our home. They sleep in the same bed, groom, and play with each other again! She will still hiss at him when they visit the only room the therapet can’t reach, but everything is fine again in the therapet zone. My only complaint is that it leaves a greasy residue on the wall above the diffuser.

Astonishing Change in my Cat's Behavior

My cat was showing some mild signs of stress, so the vet recommended we try therapet. I could never have anticipated what a difference it would make. Not only is she no longer having an issue with inappropriate urination (like peeing on the bed because her bowl's bottom was visible between pieces of food). She's also so much more playful and social. She's seeking out the dog to play chase and fetch. She'll practically beat down the door until you Iet her in to cuddle. I'm so glad we took the vet's advice. We will be replacing these cartridges every month religiously.

Works great for tension with cats, and urine spraying issues.

My cats have never gotten along for over 5 years. They recently started a peeing war, and this diffuser is LITERALLY the only thing keeping the peace and my sanity. I have a back stock so I never run out at this point.
The day it runs out, they start it up. After about 3 months, we have huge progress with them. Our cat who always hisses at the other rarely will now. They aren't best friends, but I'll take it.