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If Your Dog Pees Indoor, Chews Excessively, or Bites its Paws, They May Be Silently Fighting Separation Anxiety!

Every 60 seconds, another US dog owner buys this science-backed solution to help bring relief and comfort their dog so desperately deserves!

Anxiety is a debilitating issue that can rob dogs of their joy 😢

A recent study suggests that 8 out of 10 dogs struggle to cope when left alone. Roughly 67% of dogs with separation anxiety aren’t treated for it because their owners miss the signs, and the longer this issue goes untreated, the worse it gets.

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What Are The Signs Of Separation Anxiety?

Here are some telltale signs to look out for:

  • Indoor peeing, spraying, and marking
  • Chewing and Destroying furniture
  • Howling, barking, whining
  • Paw licking or tail-biting
  • Excessive salivation, vomiting
  • Not eating when you're out
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Get To The Root Of Your Dog's Anxiety – With This Breakthrough Calming Diffuser

TheraPet allows all dog parents to benefit from the powerful impact pheromones have on dogs. They play a crucial role in their cognitive processes and regulate their emotions and behaviors.

And this means: less indoor peeing, excessive licking, head shaking or itching, and chewing and destroying things. And your doggo back to their healthy, joyful and calm self.

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The Science Behind The Magic

Pheromones are triggers that convey various messages to dogs’ brains and affecting their nervous system. 

Maternal pheromones activate the “feel-good” chemicals in dogs’ brains, so they protect our furry friends from anxiety triggers, working like a safety bubble. 

And when separation triggers anxiety, maternal pheromones turn off these stressful chemicals and alleviate their emotional tension instantly, naturally and effectively.

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The moment you plug it in, it starts its magic!

These pheromones are called “maternal” for a reason: it’s the same scent a mama dog gives off while bonding with her newborn puppies, making them feel loved and secure. 

And dogs never forget the scent, as soon as they smell it, they feel calmer and safer, and they don’t feel the need to unload emotional tension through indoor urinating, excessive barking or destroying furniture.

84% of TheraPet customers saw results after just the first month!

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Saw a reduction in indoor peeing & urine spraying


Saw a reduction in chewing and destructive behaviors


Saw reduction in barking, howling, and paw licking


Saved at least 40% on their VET bills

*Results based on Calming Diffuser buyers' internal feedback survey conducted in March 2024 (n=300)

How often do you leave your dog alone?

How often do you notice them showing separation-related behaviors?